A small fine boutique for kids fashion – Part two

How did you then come up with the idea of ​​children’s fashion from Holland and Scandinavia via a web shop to offer?

I had noticed that I have often great brands that I knew from the Netherlands, such as Kik * Kid and Little Label, could not find in Germany, not even on the internet. After a little research, we then noticed that the children’s fashion from Denmark and Sweden, even from well-known brands such as Katvig and Urban Elk only limited on the Web were available. Then came to me already quick question, what if I…?

What is the name Frohtag created?

Once the concept for the Web Store stood the difficult task of ours, to give baby ‘ name came from. Believe me, we have pondered about it much. Not only must the name of beautiful and easy to be noticeable, the name must still be available, especially as an Internet address. After many failed attempts evening called my husband at once: Frohtag! And as we have seen then, that www.frohtag.de was still free, we have the address registers directly.

And, everything went well from the beginning?

Hahaha, that’s a good question! Honestly, no. The first customers who have ordered through our site have not had the best experience. Especially because we had not yet had quite durchblickt the shop system. Fortunately, the customers were very understanding when we explained that we were still at the very beginning.

The customers were then already surprised when we said that was Frohtag as children’s fashion webshop only a few weeks old. Supposedly, the website from the beginning has made a professional impression.