A small fine boutique for kids fashion – Part three

But then it all went uphill?

That would have been nice! But, it was not easy, of course. The first few weeks went really quite well, but after that not much happened on one. This of course has very puzzled us. Interestingly, the picture for all categories was similar. Both the baby clothes than clothes for girls and boys showed a relapse. After a lengthy analysis, we found that our home was not good enough and also the product pages, where we show the individual products that were not yet optimal. We then make our website from scratch and show there now more beautiful pictures of children in beautiful Colorful child fashion and also the product pages, we then further optimized. And indeed, since the end of June 2012, is steadily uphill.

How satisfied are you now looking back over the first year?

Even if we did not get it right, we’re very satisfied. Sell ​​baby and children’s fashion is really much fun. Not only because the products are often so funny and cute are ( try to imagine:. You pack in February sweet summer dress made of what makes a just happy ), but also because the interaction with the customers is very pleasant. We must coordinate our regularly with customers on deliveries or returns, and we noticed here is that the customers themselves have also always had a good mood, even if something went wrong on our site. Perhaps it is that our names. Even the notary has said in its founding, that the name has made its staff on the day cheerfully.

Can you already tell how it will go with Frohtag.de?

We have the last months again properly invested in new brands. We believe that brands such as Claesen ‘s, Mini Rodini and return our customers will like. These are high-quality children’s fashion labels that are successful years already, but are still relatively few ready-made in Germany. Starting next winter we will also offer children’s fashion from Scotch & Soda from Amsterdam in our web shop. We have also put a lot of energy in our children’s fashion blog and our newsletter. Herewith, our customers can better stay up to date on new products, collections, labels and actions.