A small fine boutique for kids fashion

Frohtag celebrates on 20 March its first Birthday. So, time for a nice conversation with the founder Joy Hoenke.

Love Joy, first time congratulations on the 1′s birthday Frohtag.de! Can you still remember well what it was a year ago?

Thank you! Yes, of course I remember it. So proud, I was uploading the first products on the page www.frohtag.de and then shortly thereafter went live. With a small assortment children’s fashion from the Netherlands and Denmark (with, among others, the brands 4funkyflavours, Molo Kids, Cakewalk and Katvig) we started from the beginning of spring.

Full of excitement, I then waited for our first customers. It was very fond of that right at the beginning have shopped with us many friends. This was very much appreciated. For days I ‘ve checked if there is an order on our website came in… and then, in fact, at 2s April, we processed our first ‘ foreign ‘ order. I can still remember very well how great the sense of achievement was, according to many exciting and exhausting months of preparation. More about it you could read on Luxura Pillows.

How Glad tags first birthday celebrated?

Frohtag.de celebrates his birthday on 20th March. On the day we have special offers for our customers and we take the shipping costs for all orders. We will also organize a big competition. Since we are really nice prizes such as 2 Amarilla be giving away towels from Panama. The sweepstakes, we will describe in more detail on our website and Facebook.

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